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Akamai Uses IneoQuest's Cloud Monitoring Service for its Video Assurance Needs

IneoQuest Adopts FoQus>Delivery™ Branding for Cloud-Based Broadcast-Class Quality Assurance Service

MANSFIELD, Mass., April 18, 2017IneoQuest Technologies, the global leader in video quality and service assurance solutions, today announced that AkamaiTechnologies, the world's leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider, is leveraging IneoQuest's Cloud Monitoring service to provide in-depth quality monitoring and diagnostic acceleration for its critical video streaming events. This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, now re-branded as FoQus>Delivery, allows IneoQuest's customers to monitor the quality of their Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) video streams through the globally-diverse OTT infrastructure, rapidly detecting and diagnosing streaming quality issues, without requiring significant up-front capital expenditures.

As video viewers continue to shift toward OTT video consumption on smart TVs and mobile devices, they expect broadcast-level quality; and with the advent of 4K/UHD and HDR streaming, expectations are even exceeding broadcast quality. At the same time, many OTT video providers do not own or operate the infrastructure they rely on for the quality that will attract and retain viewers, and secure revenue. This shift has created an increasing need for flexible, scalable measurement tools which can address the new reality of video delivery both from a business and technical perspective.

"Since the early rollout of IPTV, IneoQuest has been providing our customers with the solutions they need to detect video issues and quickly diagnose their cause", said Calvin Harrison, president and CEO of IneoQuest. "As digital video has evolved, industry dynamics have dictated significant changes in the way video quality and performance must be measured, and issues diagnosed. We recognized these coming changes over five years ago, and began migrating to 'all-software' system architectures which could be deployed as virtualized solutions in cloud-supporting datacenters. The FoQus>Delivery service is the next step in this video assurance evolution, and we are honored to have Akamai Technologies, the world's largest CDN, as a customer."

The FoQus>Delivery service provides the flexibility of a "pay as you go" subscription-based business model that is prevalent in the OTT market, supporting both network-less video providers who are offering pure OTT services as well as video providers who are extending beyond their on-network offerings with OTT. Built on IneoQuest's Surveyor™ and iQ Engine™ software, FoQus>Delivery provides the features and benefits that broadcasters and network operators across the globe have come to rely on for quality assurance in the digital video age. In addition, the subscription includes all software support and maintenance. FoQus>Delivery customers can test their video streams at locations around the world, and at different points in their distribution pipeline, supporting rapid issue diagnosis for video providers having both regional or global audiences. And because OTT video traffic is notorious for experiencing dramatic demand spikes, FoQus>Delivery was designed with dynamic scalability in mind, empowering customers with a simple solution to scale capacity as necessary.

"For Akamai customers, quality and scalability are paramount. IneoQuest provides the fine-grained, per-stream visibility we need to rapidly uncover, diagnose, and even prevent customer-detectable streaming issues from occurring, especially during our highest-visibility events," said Matt Azzarto, director of media operations, Akamai Technologies. "FoQus>Delivery, deployed as a component of our Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC), provides us the capability we need to maintain the quality level our customers demand, provides the rich statistics expected from an industry-leading CDN, and offers a dynamic, scalable, subscription based model that dovetails nicely with our needs. These capabilities allow us to extend our quality-based market differentiation."

IneoQuest will be demonstrating the FoQus>Delivery service, as well as the entire suite of FoQus Platform solutions at NABShow stand SU6102 in Las Vegas, NV from April 22-27, 2017.

Akamai will be demonstrating their BOCC, which leverages IneoQuest's assurance and diagnostic capabilities, at NABShow stand SL3324.


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