Say hello to GLIM.

Play mezzanine and professional grade media files in a web browser.

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Say hello to GLIM.

Play mezzanine and professional grade media files in a web browser.

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Play any media file, from anywhere, in a browser with GLIM

Sometimes, you’re not located where your hi-res media is. Sometimes, generating proxy files can be time consuming and inefficient. Sometimes, you want to see more information about your media than a typical web-player can provide. Sound familiar? Say hello to GLIM.

GLIM is designed for media professionals, and allows you to view your hi-res media remotely in a web-browser, without generating a proxy file. GLIM leverages Telestream’s award winning Media Framework to seamlessly encode media on-the-fly, and allows users all across the world to stream content. Whether your assets are located on an on-prem server, or up in cloud object storage, you can play them anywhere with GLIM.

Featuring an operator-friendly web-GUI at it’s core, your video will always be front and center. Make sure your audio levels meet compliance standards with the built-in meters, and check out the timeline view with SCTE-35 markers and waveform view. Need to verify your asset is the correct format? With GLIM, it’s all there at your fingertips, wherever you are.

How Does GLIM Work?

GLIM runs as a server application, near your content’s location. It’ll start dynamically encoding the content whenever a remote user hits the “Play” button, and stop whenever they stop. Playback quality will automatically adjust to the available bandwidth, to ensure a seamless experience for remote viewers.

Deployment Types

GLIM can be deployed in multiple ways, so no matter where your media is located, you’ll always be able to get “eyes on”.

  • The Telestream GLIM Appliance is an efficient 1U server (utilizing onboard GPU acceleration), enabling up to 15 concurrent remote playback sessions.
  • You can run GLIM on a standard COTS Server, enabling up to 5 concurrent playback sessions.
  • You can Cloud deploy on customer provisioned AWS EC2 instances to give you:
    • Up to 5 concurrent sessions if you utilize CPU-only instances.

For more details on the GLIM appliance, please read the product sheet, or reach out to your local Telestream representative.


  • Extensive decode support based on the award-winning Telestream Media Framework
  • Media Inspector, enabling users to inspect technical file information
  • Audio VU Meters
  • Waveform Display
    • Neilson water marking detection
    • GOP Structure Display
    • SCTE 35 / 104 marker Analysis
  • Embedded Caption and subtitle support
    • Including the ability to load sidecar subtitles
  • Side-car Audio Support
  • User customizable Plugin support, enabling workflow orchestration directly from the browser


IABM's 2020 Broadcast and Media Award TVBEurope’s 2020 Best of Show Awards Virtual Edition