Case Studies

Dynamic Audience Based Monitoring - A wireless operator used IQ Video Monitoring Solutions for dynamic audience-based monitoring to save and scale.
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iStreamPlanet Sees Video Quality Monitoring as a Winning Strategy - How Online Video Service Provider iStreamPlanet uses Telestream to add value to its live sports and entertainment encoding and packaging services.
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Solution Briefs

Monitoring by Exception - Monitoring by Exception and Seamlessly Transitioning to IP Diagnostics Tools Keeps Live and Studio Production Streams Flowing...
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Operational Intelligence Solutions for Adaptive Bitrate Video/OTT Distribution - Delivering video to your viewers - wherever they are, on whatever device they are using - is difficult. The source content must be good. The many different formats and bit rates and format variants must be prepared and published properly...
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Operational Intelligence Solutions for Linear Video Quality Assurance - Operational Intelligence Solutions for Linear Video Quality Assurance Comprehensive Visibility into your Video Assets’ Availability and Playback Quality...
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Unique end-to-end analytics - NPAW and Telestream combine client and video network analytics to minimize the financial impact of failures and proactively manage user satisfaction...
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White Papers, eBooks, Articles & Podcasts

Surveyor White Paper

Ensuring Video Quality Across the Remote PHY Distributed Access Architecture with Telestream’s Surveyor TS: A Technical White Paper... Read more

Monitoring Matters: Viewers Have Little Patience For Poor OTT Perfomance

Don’t let buffering and other glitches affect your viewers’ quality of experience. Maintain a reputation of excellence... Get the eBook

Video quality is key

The demand for streamed content opens up excellent commercial opportunities. This paper provides insight into "Live OTT" and why video quality is key as streaming gains critical mass... Read more

The Case for Leveraging the Cloud

In today’s dynamic video landscape, it is more important than ever for content and service providers to understand the performance of their Over-the-Top (OTT) video services... Read more

A Guide To Adaptive Bit Rate Encoding: ABR explained along with how to use automation to increase efficiency - An overview of how ABR files differ from legacy streaming files, the implications of those differences for conventional media preparation processes, and how those processes may be successfully adapted to create highly-efficient, cost-effective ABR more

Harvesting OTT Ad Insertion Revenue Depends on Visibility - Reprint Thought Leadership Article featured in Streaming Media November-December 2021 Innovation Guide... read more

The white paper, IP Media Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting: A Combined Solution, provides insight into maintaining IP-based systems at peak efficiency and reliability, delivering uninterrupted, high-quality video, audio, and caption/data streams to viewers... read more

Monitoring to the Rescue for Ad Revenue & User Experience - reprint article recently featured in the April/May Streaming Media Innovation Series Guide... read more

Flexible IP Monitoring: Essentials Guide (April 2021) - This guide shares the details of Telestream’s innovation in software-defined waveform monitors... read more

Get the article reprint titled “Fear of Losing Subscribers Keeping You Up at Night? Comprehensive Video Monitoring Beats Counting Sheep” for insights and observations on how to keep your subscribers happy by finding problems and fixing them fast before your customers go elsewhere... read more

Keys to Efficient Ad Management In the New Television Marketplace - Expanded Workloads Mandate Solutions Grounded In Automation and Comprehensive Quality Control. Get the white paper... read more

Remote Workflows and HDR in Sports - Streamline your media operations as part of your remote working and disaster recovery plans. Read a short article that provides suggestions on tested workflows that enable more remote productions and state-of-the-art 4K HDR programming to OTT platforms for you to deliver a more engaging experience for your viewers without breaking the bank... read more

When the OTT Ad Experience Breaks, Everyone Pays: Visibility is key to ensuring advertising value and viewer satisfaction (Article Reprint) - Delivering content over the top (OTT) unlocks a new capability that hasn’t been there before – ad personalization. We can now hyper-target viewers buy putting specific ads in front of them at the time of viewing. We can also determine the most valuable ad traffic to those viewers to maximize revenues. Get the two-page article reprint that shares insights on why visibility is key to ensuring advertising value and viewer satisfaction. Article featured in Streaming Media’s April/May 2020 Solution Series “ADVANCED LIVE STREAMING”... read more

Video Quality Assurance in a Remote PHY World: get the eBook - Don’t lose sight of your cable TV subscribers’ expectations. Monitor video delivery performance across Remote PHY (R-PHY) distributed access networks to expand end-to-end monitoring and ensure your network is running at peak performance... read more

OTT Monitoring: The Essential Guide from The Broadcast Bridge - Download The OTT Monitoring Essential Guide if you need to break down silos and want to understand where and how faults occur in OTT distribution... read more

Live Remote Production Isn't Just For Broadcast Anymore - Deliver live video content and give consumers a reason to subscribe and stay... read more

Advanced Analytics for Comprehensive Monitoring of Live Event Streams: Get a 2-page article about how Telestream helps to provide OVSPs, Broadcasters, and others with advanced analytics for comprehensive monitoring of live event more

ABR Quality Monitoring: State of the Art - With the move to the increasingly complex Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) technology for video transport delivery comes a corresponding increase in quality assurance complexity. Video service providers require more quality evaluation than to only know if a certain number of viewers are unsatisfied with their viewing more

For Programmers Taking Live OTT Video Direct to Customers, Innovation is Required - The growth of OTT video services and technologies means that programmers can engage directly with their customers while retaining maximum control over the media and its more

Video Monitoring a Top Priority for Every OTT Provider - In today’s competitive environment, video quality monitoring is not an option – it is more

Podcast:How to Exceed Customers' Viewing Experience Expectations - Listen to the Enterprise Management 360 podcast where Telestream’s Kirk George, Director of Product Management, more

Managing Content Distribution Workflow in a Time of Flux - Content originators and owners increasingly find their content distribution siloed as they prepare content for a diverse array of delivery more

Assuring Multi-Screen Video Quality - With the unveiling of the TV Everywhere partnership between Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Inc. in June 2009, the multiscreen video era formally began. For the first time in the history of the video entertainment more

Loudness Monitoring and CALM Compliance - Channel program and advertisement loudness has received considerable attention recently and is the subject of FCC rule making in 2011 at the direction of congress through passage of the more

Perfecting 4K video delivery - With literally billions of investment dollars going towards serving up premium 4K content, service providers and content owners must ensure that 4K viewing experiences are truly more

VeriStream Technology Overview - IneoQuest’s patented VeriStream QoS technology proactively identifies and prevents QoS issues that have an impact on customer more

rfc4445 A Proposed Media Delivery Index - There has been considerable progress over the last several years in the development of methods to provide for Quality of Service (QoS) more

IneoQuest and Intel - End-to-end Video Quality Assurance - Centralized walled gardens of video and networking equipment are no longer a viable architecture for video delivery. Video providers of all types are moving to distributed infrastructures for their delivery chain in order to accommodate continued growth and changing more

Media Delivery Index (MDI) for Monitoring and Troubleshooting Streaming Media Delivery - The Media Delivery Index (MDI) can be used to monitor both the quality of a delivered video stream as well as to show system margin by providing an accurate measurement of jitter and more

The Future of the Consumer Video Experience: Big Data and Real-time Analytics - Big Data and actionable analytics are becoming increasingly critical for video service delivery, and cover a vast array of different aspects from advanced service assurance techniques to better targeting of new more


iQ Video On Demand Monitoring

iQ supports VOD ABR service testing

OTT Monitoring

Content and distribution

Linear Monitoring

Content source, post-proces & distribution

DAI Monitoring

Monitor your dynamic ad performance

Bridging the Gap Between Broadcast and Network Monitoring Presented by Mike Waidson, Telestream Principal Engineer, at the 2021 AIMS Tech Fest
The presentation focuses on monitoring and issue resolution in evolving hybrid SDI-IP and ST 2110 deployments. It is a tutorial on typical network architectures, what can go wrong, and ways to assure errors do not impact live production and transmission. Watch now


Webinars On Demand

Combining Client & Network Analytics

NPAW and Telestream on-demand webinar

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Expanding the Horizons of IP Production Workflows: a three-part, on-demand webinar series (Recorded September 2021)

Arista, Imagine Communications, and Telestream three-part on-demand series cover best practices that enable the next generation multi-format broadcast facility to provide scalability, flexibility, visibility, and reliability.

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Combining Client and Network Analytics for Streaming Service Providers

Watch the NPAW and Telestream on-demand webinar titled “Combining Client and Network Analytics for Streaming Service Providers” with Ruben Senor-Megias, Chief Sales Officer at NPAW, Michael Demb, Dir. Solution Architecture at Telestream, and streaming industry expert, Dan Rayburn. Hear how combining client and video network analytics with content validation minimizes the financial impact of failures and proactively manages user satisfaction

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Ensure a great OTT Advertising experience for your viewers

The first in the "Disruptors challenging production, post, and delivery webinar series".

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OTT Monitoring – Maximize return on your streaming investments

State of OTT monitoring: requirements for success and the research process.

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Real world cloud transformation for media companies

As the media industry continues to consolidate and more and more end-users demand Over-the-Top (OTT) video services, companies are challenged with the need to be more agile and cost-efficient.

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5 Strategies for Assuring High Quality Video and Staying Within Your Budget

Passive monitoring alone isn’t an option when you want to deliver the quality of experience (QoE) your customers expect and deserve. Find out about the five strategies to assure high-quality video, stay within your budget, and how to stop the finger pointing.

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How to Build an Instantaneous, Self-healing, Live-streaming Service that Delights, Differentiates, and Drives Revenue

Today’s audiences demand ‘always on’ performance from their streaming services, and providers need assurance that they’re meeting customer demand. For video content providers to deliver streamed content today and into the future, while creating commercial opportunities, one needs to execute the right strategy from production to distribution and ensure they deliver a high-quality viewing experience.

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