Automate Content Assembly

Assemble video multi-layer deliverables for multi-language, multi-platform distribution from source media files into one or more outputs

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Reduce Production Costs

Eliminate bag-and-tag editing and repetitive production tasks and focus more time on creating high-quality material

Service More Distribution Channels

Automate routine tasks and cost-effectively scale your production environment to service more channels

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Vantage Promise

  • Recognized speed
  • Award-winning quality
  • Hands-free automated workflow
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Allows business growth
  • World class support

Automate Editing & Composition

Produce multi-layer video deliverables with transition and image effects, graphic overlays, and conformed audio – all automatically and ready for distribution

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Mix All Vantage Source Formats on the Timeline

Combine sources with different resolutions, aspect ratios, frame rates, etc. on-the-fly to create the desired output

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Predictable Results

Create templates that combine creative decisions with technical requirements to produce consistent output results

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Convert to Any Vantage Output Format

Generate high-resolution mezzanine essences that can be used for distribution or transcode to a wide range of formats supported by Vantage

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Automate a Variety of Workflows

  • IPTV and Cable VOD production
  • News or Weather updates
  • International localization
  • Promo assembly and insertion
  • Advertisement insertion
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Speed Up Production

Increase content value, create final assets for worldwide distribution without manual editing. Process content during original recording with Pipeline ingest and deliver it with lightning speed

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Mix Source Formats

Mix All Vantage Source Formats on the Timeline

Post Producer decodes and normalizes source content to match output requirements. Sources with different resolutions, aspect ratios, frame rates, and GOP structures, with incompatible audio track layouts, can be combined on-the-fly to create the desired output.

Post Producer decodes a wide variety of audio and video essence and container types (see format charts on next page). For additional source format support, Vantage will conform hundreds of essence and container formats for use in Post Producer editing.