Why you should upgrade to Switch 4

Switch 4 adds improved performance, growing file support, OP-47/OP-42 Teletext caption playback and team collaboration.

Switch 4 is a free upgrade for Switch v2 and v3 customers who have Premium Support. For customers without Premium Support, Switch 4 is a paid upgrade.

Version history

Improved Performance

Telestream continues to refine and improve our playback and indexing performance within Switch.  Particular attention was given to the performance of caption decoding and making sure we are making efficient use of file system reads and writes, as well as only decoding the data that is actually needed.

Growing File Support

The ability to open files and play them back while they are still being written to disk enables live capture workflows that include previewing the quality of live video captures, extracting portions of the already written video for use in social media promotion of live productions, and the ability to confirm the media encoding of content coming from live capture systems.

OP-47/OP-42 Teletext Captions   

Switch is now capable of decoding and displaying OP-47 and OP-42 Teletext captions.  This support maintains format parity with Telestream’s caption authoring tools MacCaption and CaptionMaker, and will enable users to play back their captions and view them to confirm positioning, styling, and sync accuracy without the need for expensive hardware decoders.

Team Collaboration

New collaboration feature allows users to create and view flags on the timeline that contain comments, errors, or feedback. Share these flags between team members using a sidecar flags file to allow collaboration to occur without making any changes to the video. Simple to understand formatting of the flags document allows for automation systems to be able to create reports that can be reviewed and visualized on the timeline!

How to upgrade to Switch 4

ATTENTION all previous version customers!

Switch 4 is a free upgrade for customers with Premium Support; simply download Switch 4 and install. Please check your email for special upgrade instructions, or Contact Desktop Sales if you need assistance.

For customers without Premium Support, Switch 4 is a paid upgrade. Please select which version of Switch you are upgrading from:

Upgrade Instructions

  • You will receive an entirely new serial number due to a licensing system change.
  • In order to obtain the upgrade pricing below from version 2 or 3, your serial number must be activated in the Switch Preferences > License panel of version 2 or 3 before initiating the upgrade process.
  • Failure to ensure your older version is activated before installing a newer version will result in upgrade pricing not being offered in the application.
  • Download and install Switch 4, select Preferences from the "File" (Windows) or "Switch" (Mac) Menu and switch to the "License" tab. Click "Upgrade" to access the Telestream store and select the product you want to upgrade to.
    • Windows users: If you are installing Switch 4 and experience the following error—"Switch.exe - System Error: The program can't start because VCOMP140.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."—please install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 and it will resolve the issue by providing the required DLLs.
  • Once your order is complete, you'll automatically have access to all the new features of Switch 4, depending on your license level.

Upgrade Pricing

  • Switch Player upgrade: $9.99
  • Switch Plus upgrade: $100.00*
  • Switch Pro upgrade: $150.00*

*Includes 1 year of Premium Support

Be sure to check out the updated Tech Specs and OS requirements

Not seeing upgrade pricing when you should?

Here are your options:

  • If you are able, reinstall the older version 2 or 3 that matches your serial. Activate the serial number in the Licensing panel of the Switch Preferences, then upgrade to version 4. Upgrade pricing should now be offered.
  • If you are unable to activate your version 2 or 3 license before installing version 4, you may contact our sales team to obtain upgrade pricing.
  • You can optionally purchase a new full version 8 license.

Unfortunately, upgrade pricing is not available for Switch 1.

If you are interested in the newest features in Switch, you may purchase Switch 4 at the following prices:

  • Switch Player: $9.99
  • Switch Plus: $199.00*
  • Switch Pro: $499.00*

*Includes 1 year of Premium Support

When you need more advanced features, Switch Pro adds:

  • Advanced inspection of application-specific metadata such as AS-11 with UK DPP metadata, AS03 and others
  • Timeline feature displaying video GOP structure and data rate information
  • SDI/HDMI out to external monitors
  • Compare Alternate Media for frame-by-frame comparison of up to 16 alternate media files
  • iTunes package preset for exporting complete packages ready for upload to iTunes

Upgrade Pricing

  • Switch Plus v2.x-3.x → Switch 4 Pro: $400.00*
  • Switch 4 Plus → Switch 4 Pro: $300.00*

If you are unable to upgrade to Switch 4 within your application at the pricing shown above, please Contact Desktop Sales, and provide them your serial number.

*Includes 1 year of Premium Support

Upgrade Instructions

  • Open Switch 4, select Preferences from the "File" (Windows) or "Switch" (Mac) Menu and switch to the "License" tab.
  • Click "Upgrade" to access the Telestream store and select "Switch Pro".
  • Once your order is complete, your new Switch 4 Plus serial number will automatically be copied to your application and you'll have access to all the new features of Switch 4 Pro.