Performance comparison

Benchmarks shown are for Lightspeed G5 and G6 versus earlier Lightspeed models. Tests are performed in the lab using gold-standard source files running in typical Vantage customer workflows. In these tests, which show processing time as a percentage of real time for the source files, the lower measurements indicate the fastest processing performance.

K40 vs K80 vs G6
Lightspeed Flip64 JPEG 2000

K40 vs K80 vs G5 vs G6
Lightspeed Flip64 X264

K40 vs K80 vs G5 vs G6
Lightspeed IMX50-25i

K40 vs K80 vs G5 vs G6
Lightspeed IPTV

K40 vs K80 vs G5 vs G6
Lightspeed Multiscreen

K40 vs K80 vs G5 vs G6
Lightspeed XDCAM720p50

K40 vs K80 vs G5 vs G6
Lightspeed Tempo HQBlend

K80 vs G5 (P4)
Multicore XDCAM720p50

Accelerated Video Processing

Lightspeed Server accelerates compute-intensive image processing within Vantage workflows, including scaling, deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, motion vector calculation, and other tasks that require computation and analysis to modify or create new video frames. Faster video preprocessing acceleration benefits the output quality of all video output formats, for both transcoding and automated content assembly.


Deinterlacing is required when converting interlaced broadcast content for web and mobile distribution and is also the first step in high-quality frame rate conversion. High-quality deinterlacing produces far sharper and clearer image quality than is possible with simple field blending techniques.

Video Image Scaling

The automation of routine tasks provides cost-effective scaling of your production environment. Post Producer runs on one or more servers, working 24/7 to generate as many versions of each asset as necessary to meet your distribution needs. Post Producer is a workhorse that will allow you to scale up your distribution capacity without requiring additional manpower or edit bays.

16-bit YUV Video Processing

Vantage employs Lightspeed technology to efficiently process 16-bit, 4:4:4:4, YUV video, achieving sparkling video quality and color fidelity for any Vantage output format. Lightspeed accelerates sophisticated image processing algorithms that have previously required purpose-built hardware to produce pristine video.

Frame Rate Conversion

Frame rate conversion is increasingly important for internationalization and inverse telecine workflows. Lightspeed accelerates both standards conversion and the conversion of broadcast content to 23.976 film rates, with reliable, high-quality results.

Accelerated x264 Encoding

Lightspeed Server also speeds x264 video encoding. x264 is renowned for producing the best video image quality across the spectrum of bitrates needed for screens of any size. Lightspeed accelerates x264 to produce the best possible H.264 images, at any bitrate, in the shortest possible time.

Accelerated HEVC Encoding

The G6 Lightspeed supports NVENC (NVIDIA’s HEVC Encoder) for certain Vantage transcoders, enabling encoding performance that is faster than x264 (but in bmost cases of lower quality).