Configurable to meet the needs of Operations while uniquely scalable to tackle the varied demands of Engineering diagnostics, the PRISM waveform monitor is the only monitoring solution you need in your SDI and IP workflow.

Designed to address the IP future of broadcast, PRISM comes packed with a comprehensive set of new measurements and displays to provide visibility of network performance and problems, and reduce the time to fault isolation and remedy. Equally comfortable in the SDI world, PRISM provides the familiar connectivity, measurements, and displays you expect in an SDI environment. Additionally, equipped with features for emerging HDR / WCG workflows, PRISM allows jobs to be done in a consistent manner and reduces complication in multi format content creation.

With PRISM you now have confident connectivity with objective and trusted measurements for both SDI and IP worlds.

  • Complete SDI Monitor Tools up to 8K
  • Enhanced IP Monitor for SMPTE ST2110-20/30/40; ST2022-6/7
  • Compliance tests for Audio, Captions/Teletext, and ANC data
  • Analyze PTP & Redundant Paths
  • Easily Integrate & Manage Using NMOS with Full API
  • Simplify Truck & Studio Production in 4K/WCG/HDR
  • False color gamut error and CIE charts show color issues
  • Edit & Technical QC in Post

The Single Solution for Operations & Engineering

PRISM is designed to be the only platform you need for Operations and Engineering. The base unit has been featured to meet the needs of Video Engineers working in Live Production, Engineers performing confidence monitoring in facilities, and for Editors in a broadcast environment. The instrument functionality can be expanded and configured to address multiple applications across Operations and Engineering through a selection of easily upgradeable Option choices. These options can be applied as and when your needs change. The Telestream approach simplifies and de-risks your purchase decision.


  • IP and SDI connectivity provided as standard: SMPTE ST2110-20, -30, -40, SMPTE ST2059 (PTP), SMPTE ST2022-7 (redundancy), SMPTE ST2022-6 and SDI SD/HD/3G/12G all provided in base unit. 4K option adds Quad HD/3G SDI, 6G/12G SDI and 4K over IP.
  • Simple to choose options can be applied to the base unit at any time to give complete configuration control for most applications.
  • Two different form factors – 3RU half-rack with integrated screen (MPI) and 1RU full-rack with external screen (MPX) to fit the needs of your environment.
  • 10G or 25G connectivity with a clear and simple upgrade path from 10G to 25G when required.
  • NMOS compliant for easy integration and use in IP systems.

Simplify Your Camera Setup & Operation in Complex HDR Environments

PRISM removes the guesswork required when working in simultaneous HDR and SDR production operating in various color spaces, including BT.709 and BT.2020. Tektronix proprietary displays and automated standards conversion provide objective and repeatable measurements to ensure stunning visuals with a consistent 'look' every director desires.


  • Patented Stop Waveform Display: Makes iris adjustment of cameras much easier in live and studio environments
  • Picture display with false color to identify the objects in HDR region, diffuse white: Simplifies the camera exposure adjustment
  • Picture display with integrated transfer function / color space conversion: Allows true to life viewing of HDR and/or BT.2020 content
  • PRISM gives you confidence whether you are shooting in PQ, HLG, SLOG2, SLOG3, LOG-C

Reduce the Time to Diagnose & Remedy Faults

PRISM simplifies complex information in easy to understand graphical displays familiar to both Broadcast and IT Network engineers. A comprehensive range of IP and SDI measurements help to shorten the time to fault isolation, diagnosis, and remedy to network or content issues in hybrid IP & SDI environments.


  • Direct/native connectivity to SMPTE ST2110 and PTP means no lost or filtered data as it enters the instrument
  • Reference locked to PTP and essential timing measurement for Video, Audio, and Data streams against PTP and Black Burst
  • SMPTE ST2022 -7 analysis to ensure the system redundant paths are operating as expected
  • Test signal generation for both SDI (SD/HD/3G/12G) and SMPTE ST2110 -20 and -30
  • SMPTE ST2110-21 Sender and Receive buffer modelling to understand the impact of traffic flow and shape on the system

Innovating to ease design, save space and reduce cost

We listen to your needs and have introduced a series of innovative accessories that provide flexibility in design and savings in both space and cost! New extended display options allow users to drive a separate screen from a single PRISM. This dual display option is designed specifically for space constrained applications or when the instrument is located remotely in a facility. A new speaker option on the 1 RU MPX along with simple audio channel selection mechanisms means that PRISM can be used to provide your Video measurement and Audio monitoring in a single instrument.


  • PRISM’s large screen real estate can now be extended with a second display unit
  • Less than 3” in depth, the dual screen is ideal where space is at a premium and screen monitoring is critical
  • High quality speakers are now available via additional option on the 1RU MPX version. Perfect for listening to the L/R audio being delivered on the selected channels with separate volume and balance controls for fast audio checks
  • AUX SDI output is available to drive external equipment without IP connectivity


MPI2-25 MPX2-25
Form Factor: 3RU integrated Display 1 RU external display
SDI Formats: SD, HD, 3G, 4K, 8K
IP Formats: SMPTE ST 2110-20/30/40, SMPTE ST 2022-6/7, SMPTE 2059 (PTP), 25GE connection
Color Space: Rec 709, Rec 2020
Video Functions: Picture, Waveform, Vector, Diamond, CIE, False Color, etc.
Audio Functions: Bars, Lissajous, Surround, Dolby Decode, etc.
Engineering Functions: Timing, Eye, Datalist, PIT Histogram, IP Stream Capture, etc.
Configure and Quote Configure and Quote


Truck/OB Van & Studio Production

Proper setup alignment and matching of cameras before a live event is key to producing stunning images and a highly realistic viewing experience. PRISM fits any of your application needs, from local studio productions to global live sporting events; from familiar HD workflows to emerging 4K HDR workflows.


  • Integrated transfer function/color space conversion for HLG, ST 2084 PQ, S-LOG2, S-LOG3, LOG-C, HDR workflows
  • Wide Color Gamut (WCG) support per ITU-R BT.2020
  • Patented Stop waveform, Diamond and Lightning displays
  • Picture with False color, CIE charts
  • Innovative dual screen configurations for space constrained spaces in operations

Hybrid IP/SDI Facility Operations & Maintenance

The transition to IP facilities is challenging and PRISM has been designed to address the measurement demands Broadcast Engineers face as they work through the shift from SDI to IP. Innovative displays and graphs give information on what is happening in the IP world. Familiar, more traditional, SDI displays and measurements tell Broadcast Engineers what is happening to Video, Audio, and Data on the network. PRISM bridges the IP and SDI worlds to ease the challenge.


  • Comprehensive SMPTE ST2110-20/21/30/40, ST2022-6/7 and PTP measurement
  • Correlate video errors across IP and content layers
  • Ensure PTP timing and redundant paths are accurate and working as expected
  • Monitor RTP packet delivery timing in sender devices to be compliant to SMPTE ST2110-21