DIVA addresses the challenge of managing large media file libraries with an innovative platform designed to streamline the movement of files between disparate storage types and locations while lowering costs.

DIVA represents a smarter way to manage content, with Elasticsearch-driven search functions, intelligent metadata management/creation, and powerful integrations with Telestream's other media processing, playback, and quality control solutions. Streamline your media supply chain and tap into the value of your content libraries with DIVA.

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What You Can Do With Telestream's Content Management Solutions

Post Production

Easily locate media assets and extract just what you need, from wherever in the world you may be, to be used directly within your preferred editing environment.


Automate newsrooms with efficiency through intelligent local and remote content archive, search, retrieval, and sharing from your interface of choice.


Rapidly respond to high-speed environments with content management solutions designed specifically for sports content production workflows.

Locate, retrieve, store,
and distribute media easily

  • Reduce search times
  • View mezzanine media with or without proxies
  • Automate content movement and storage

Access all content
from one place

  • Support LTO, disk, cloud, and object storage
  • Combine cloud, hybrid, & on-prem systems
  • Integrate with MAMs, PAMs, and other systems

Save big on
storage costs

  • Intelligently store content on cost-effective systems
  • Free up storage resources in tiered environments
  • Reduce egress fees by indexing and extracting metadata in place

Automate media
processing workflows

  • Automate ingest, distribution, file format conversions, and restoration workflows
  • Empower highly-efficient post production
  • Ensure business continuity and data integrity

Managing more than 1 exabyte (that's one billion gigabytes!) of the world’s mission-critical media assets.

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Create. Manage. Archive. Monetize.

Centralized & Efficient Media Handling

  • Save time with partial or full media retrieval
  • Reduce storage costs and use the most cost-effective systems

Content Protection & Lifecycle Workflows

  • Peace of mind for your critical media assets
  • Supports broadcast, post production, distribution, and media archive use cases

Content Protection & Lifecycle Workflows

  • Peace of mind for your critical media assets
  • Supports broadcast, post production, distribution, and media archive use cases

Scalable Collaboration Across Teams & Systems

  • Choose best-of-breed applications for different departments and use cases (like AVID, Grass Valley, & Pebble Beach)
  • Focus on innovation and digital transformation, not infrastructure management

Video storage management for content creators

Simple, cost-effective management of video assets to maximize the value of your media. Automate storage and processing to focus on delivering content that engages, inspires, and entertains.

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Get more from your video

Optimize your video storage

Store video assets in the most cost-efficient location across public and private clouds, hybrid, and on-premises solutions.

Streamline your processes

Store, retrieve, transform, and share your content, wherever you are in the world with dynamic video asset management.

Automate your workflows

Free up valuable time and resources with orchestrated workflows to simplify processing, storage, and distribution.

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