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When your mission critical video streams move to the cloud, you need confidence that all of your Adaptive Bit Rate variants are delivering the highest quality experience. Stream Monitor measures video performance in real-time at ingest, cloud origin and CDN edge, to provide you with a comprehensive view of your video delivery performance.

Learn how to get started with Stream Monitor including building a new project to monitor contribution, ABR and Edge video streams.

Stream Monitor Additional Features

Learn about some of the additional features of Stream Monitor including Channel Health, Analytics, and Dynamic Ad Insertion status Dashboard.

Start Monitoring

Please note that you’ll need a Telestream Cloud account to use the Stream Monitor service.

Built for development teams

With no startup costs, free trial hours and a pay-as-you-go billing model, there is no risk to getting started with Telestream Cloud Stream Monitor. It only takes a few minutes to get going, and once you’re up and running, you’ll have instant access to video monitoring in over 70 locations around the globe.

Here's a link to the API reference to get started.

See Stream Monitor API schema

Worldwide Coverage

Stream Monitor Service provides instant access to over 70 geographically diverse monitoring locations around the world

End to End Monitoring

Actively monitor video from contribution feeds all the way to the network edge to ensure the video you deliver is what your customers want


Pay only for what you use and scale your monitoring environment on-demand to swarm problem streams with robust analytics

Advertisement Tracking

Validate policy compliance with SCTE-35 and ensure propagation of DAI ad signaling for ad insertion workflows

Stream Analysis

Stream Monitor Service includes a metric collection engine that measures transport streams, variant availability, CDN performance, compression quality, stream compliance, impairments and more

Real-Time Dashboard

Customize alarm threshholds to proactively monitor all of your live streams in real-time. Detailed access to live performance metrics, transaction logs, and event messages are available in one interface, organized by channel.

Stream Monitor Cloud Live Monitoring

Contribution Feed Monitoring

  • Realtime visibility of contribution feed health and quality
  • Full Transport Stream analysis with support for popular delivery protocols such as SRT and Zixi
  • Deploy monitoring in the same region as your cloud ingress, reducing complexity and potential egress fees
  • Validate policy compliance with SCTE-35 and caption/subtitle analysis
  • Identify ideal quality and conformance settings in your contribution encoder configuration
Contribution Feed Monitoring Live Stream Monitoring
Edge Stream Monitoring Linear Stream Monitoring

Edge Stream Monitoring

  • Continuously monitor CDN delivery performance in any of over 70 global regions
  • Detect quality impairments such as frozen frame, black screen or silent audio
  • Ensure propagation of DAI ad signaling for ad insertion workflows
  • Warm up caches across regions where high audience traffic is expected
  • Generate actionable insights and enforce CDN SLA compliance with robust trend analysis reports

Correlated End to End Monitoring

  • Rapidly identify where performance issues are creeping in to the delivery chain
  • Compare audio/video quality as it enters and exits cloud video processing services
  • Validate advertising signal propagation from contribution feed through to CDN edge
  • Trace impacts of network delivery performance back through the entire video distribution
  • Continuously ensure resilient operations with availability and performance analysis of primary and backup streams
Correlated End to End Monitoring Live Video Monitoring

Standard pricing for Stream Monitor

Stream Monitor

Confidently know your video service is delivering an engaging viewer experience everywhere. Rapidly respond to the cause and location of impairments when it's not.

  • Live stream monitoring infrastructure
  • Deployed in over 70 global regions
  • Premium video stream delivery performance analysis
  • Realtime alerts

Pay As You Go Plan

Telestream offer Stream Monitor Service on a convenient pay-as-you-go plan. Discounts are automatically applied as your usage scales.

As part of our introductory promotion Stream Monitor Service Pay As You Go users have unrestriicted access to all Stream Monitor Service features, documentation and API, and will receive the first 20 Stream Monitor Service Hours each month free of charge.


In addition to convenient pay-as-you-go options, Telestream offers enterprise plans that can be tailored to your specific needs. Enterprise plans include:

  • Significant discounts for volume & term commitments
  • Reserved channel pricing optimized for linear monitoring applications
  • API & console monitoring
  • Onboarding & integration services
  • Flexible payment & billing options

For more information:

A Telestream Cloud account is required to access Stream Monitor Service

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