Meeting Netflix standards in Post Production

The standards that Netflix established for 4K and HDR mastering are driving the industry to learn and invest in new workflows. Post product teams can no longer “eyeball” a finished product and instead must rely on objective tools to ensure compliance to these new standards. The PRISM Waveform Monitor provides post production teams with the next generation 4K and HDR analysis tools needed to ensure compliance to the latest standards.

Affordable Netflix Compliance

Post production teams can build 4K UHD environments now while still supporting existing HD projects without breaking the bank. PRISM waveform monitors provide an affordable entry point including HD and 3G, with software options for 4K UHD and 8K in 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 formats, to analyze UHD for Netflix compliance.

Tools for Colorists, Editors and QC teams

PRISM provides the most complete video testing for Netflix HDR and WCG requirements directly supporting Dolby Vision and HLG projects.

These new tools dramatically simplify operations using HDR False Color, including diagnostic waveform values in STOPS and NITS, and a CIE chart showing color compliance.

Save Time Producing Simultaneous HDR and SDR

Enhanced color video test tools such as False Color for P3 Gamut violations enable post production to view what needs to be done in the HDR space while ensuring an SDR pass will be minimal work.

Simplify Operations Across Edit Suites

PRISM comes in several different form factors and can operate easily as a remote device (via NoVNC) to be shared among different suites. And it’s been engineered for low noise to be quiet enough to be in the room if that simplifies the overall system design.

Increase QC Efficiency with Automation

The combination of PRISM detailed video analysis plus Telestream VidChecker automated QC can increase efficiency ensuring the complete job meets Netflix UHD and SD specifications, enabling valuable QC talent to focus on high impact or problem areas.


SDI/IP Waveform Monitor

PRISM SDI and IP waveform monitor is designed specifically to generate objective, trusted information for production of content to satisfy growing expectations in quality and consistency, including Netflix UHD standards.

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Vidchecker & Aurora

Automated File QC

Telestream QC Products support 4K UHD, HDR, WCG and IMF for automated compliance checks to the latest standards.

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